Using Site

It is probably safe to say that everyone views internet web pages in different ways; our approach as advocates in creating this website, has been to allow the greatest amount of FLEXIBILITY in viewing, so as to create viewing comfort to the largest audiences possible…

This site is best viewed on a desktop or tablet.
Though optimized for mobile devices, some layout methods used for readability don’t lend themselves to a phone’s tall thin screen.  All the content is viewable on a phone, just not as easy to move through the different areas.

  • The site is arranged with what we call ‘cards’ of #1 to #20
  • Each card will successively tell part of the story, and in a logical sequence
  • The front of each card is a bullet-ed synopsis; the back of each card contains far more detail
  • Some may want to read only the bullet-ed points on the front of the cards
  • Some may want to read front and back of each card, in sequence
  • Some may want to read the front and back of a card of particular interest

Please… Enjoy all reading, however you approach this website!

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