Rail Relocation Website – List of References:

Ref #1 – October 15, 2014 – ‘Analysis of Rail Relocation by Mary-Jane Bennett on Behalf of the City of White Rock’ ; strong emphases on SAFETY and the ultimate application to TSB under the Rail Relocation and Crossing Act;  see ‘Analysis RR by MJB

Ref #2 – RSC 1985 current to May 22, 2019 – ‘Government of Canada ‘Railway Relocation and Crossing Act’ … see RR & X-ing link here

Ref #3 – October 15, 2015 City Surrey Report file no 5405-01 from Engineering Dept to City Council, labelled ‘South Surrey Rail Relocation’ … see SSRR link here

Ref #4 – January 4, 2016 Report – ‘Analysis of Cost Sharing by Mary-Jane Bennett on Behalf of the City of Surrey’ ; strong emphases on ECONOMIC issues; ‘Analysis CS by MJB’

Ref #5 – May 12, 2016 Report by City WR Mayor Wayne Baldwin to both of Transportation Ministers of the Province of BC + the Federal Government  + 18 other stakeholders labelled ‘Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Rail – Rail Relocation’; strong emphasis on SAFETY and seeking PARTNERSHIP opportunities with City Surrey; KEY PHRASE is “we are absolutely convinced that this not a question of if a disaster will occur but a question of when it will occur’. see WR report to Garneau  and  see  WR report to Stone.

Ref #6 – May 27, 2016 Report by City Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner to Federal Transportation Minister Marc Garneau + 12 other stakeholders labelled ‘BNSF Railroad Relocation Study’ = File 0400-40; hard copy only available; KEY PHRASE is “we know that a derailment is likely inevitable … “.

Ref #7 – 2016 Report by Mary-Jane Bennett labelled ‘Lessons from Lac-Magantic – Risk in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Canada’ …see Lessons LMG

Ref #8 – October 2018 Presentation by Surrey-White Rock Prov. MLA Tracy Redies, labelled ‘BNSF Foreshore Rail Corridor’; … see Foreshore Rail

Ref #9 – February 2019 Presentation by Erik Seiz to Surrey Mayor & Council, labelled ‘Rail Safety on Boundary Bay – Opportunities and Challenges’ ; includes maps, documented UDE’s and slides and more; incidents, photos and more; see Rail Safety on BB

Ref #10 – May 2019 Presentation by Erik Seiz to Transport Canada Pacific Region labelled ‘Crescent Beach Speed Boundary – 24th Ave BNSF track curve’ ; includes maps, documented UDE’s and slides, photos; … Speed Boundary Proposal

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