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Undesired Emergencies or UDE’s

At 1:53 in the video above, the air release can be detected, signalling the
beginning of a train entering an emergency application.

At 13:50 in the video above, the air release can again be detected signalling the train entering an emergency application.

Soil Slides

2014 West Slope

2020 Jan BNSF cleaning up 2nd of two slides at 24 Ave curve, making a total of 5 slides that day along this rail stretch

2017 – BNSF locomotive above sloughed bank at 24th Ave

2015 west slope – Note same house at top of slope as 2014

Amtrak rounding 24th Ave curve in Surrey where 5 separate slides covered the tracks Jan 31 – Feb 1, 2020

2017 sloughed west bank below tracks at 24th Ave overpass

2018 sloughed west bank below BNSF Train north of 24th Ave

2017 March – Soil slope slide above and over rail line


Loaded Coal Train going thru White Rock and Crescent Beach

Loaded train exiting White Rock to the east

Loaded train headed north into crescent beach

Crude oil along White Rock water front

Empty coal train entering Crescent Beach from north headed back to U.S.

Crude Oil along west side of Peninsula

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