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Typical perimeter rail line

The route to success with a Rail Relocation in Canada is well summarized in a single sheet by the ‘Railway Association of Canada … see here … this sheet gives background information and then answers three frequently asked questions which are so often asked by stakeholders … then, most importantly, … a direct reference to the updated [Feb6-24 version] of the ‘Railway Relocation and Crossing Act‘ .. not only does this ‘act’ create and end goal to our rail relocation process as represented by this website, but it gets into the issue of finding available for a proportion of relocation expenditures … generally this is limited to 50%, which is a generally accepted maximum for a federal contribution to capital works in Canada.

While initially accepted in by citizens when this rail line was built in 1909, that positivity waned over the years, until by the 1950’s, there were initial efforts to move this BNSF rail line to an inland location … many political and advocacy efforts ensued over the years, with partial successes but not full completion of feasibility studies … this changed majorly when White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin and then-Surrey mayor Dianne Watts launched the current rail-relocation impetus with a public forum on Nov. 26, 2013.

Ensuing advocacy efforts revolving around ‘coal transport’ and its affects on the WR and SS communities, raised the profile of citizen concerns and various other advocacy efforts ensued … our efforts gained impetus with two direct meetings in Seattle with BNSF personnel in 2014, the additions of more active advocacy citizens, and the eventual construction of this information website, which covers the period 2013 to 2014.

We are a loosely knit group of professionals whom are dedicated, and patient, as represented by this website … we call ourselves Advocates for BNSF Rail Relocation.

All advocacy efforts since 2014 have centered on starting the ‘Feasibility Study’ into this rail relocation, all with the goal of application to the Canadian Transportation Agency in accordance with the Railway Relocation and Crossing Act … again, see here.

Lastly, in the coming months we are developing and launching a single page version of this website to allow for an easy continuous scrolling read on mobile devices. (link coming soon).

Please know this website has been updated to February 2024


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