Click on table above to download editable excel document

Click on table above to download editable excel document

It is with great confidence that we bring forward this website with the hope that the information, advocacy work and political support is presented with honesty and integrity and with the best interests of our Semiahmoo communities at the forefront. All research, communications, and advocacy work were conducted through the years 2013 to 2024, as have all political contacts, meetings, and documentation.  If you as the reader, find that something is clearly missing, or something new has clearly become available, let us know through the ‘contact’ tab on the ‘index’ to this website. We will review and move it to this website as soon as possible.

The positions of politicians and/or administrators at ALL levels of government on the Peninsula, Municipal, Provincial, Federal, and SFN, have been stated as we understand them from our contacts and meetings. If any one of you, as a government reader, find a particular stated position to be incorrect, of a tone you are not comfortable with, or you wish to elaborate in some way, please forward your comments through the ‘contact’ tab to this website; they will be treated as your positions and will be placed on this website as soon as possible; should you wish immediate verbal interaction, contact Craig Harrold the advocate administrator for this website.

We have proposed ‘feasibility study’ funding [card #13] and timelines [card#19]

We have provided our best estimates for ‘Capital Costs’, possible allocation between partners, and timelines [cards #18 and #19].

All efforts will be made to keep this website current as things continue to evolve. Know that the latest update was completed in early February 2024.

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