Previous possible alignments map

Chosen rail alignment #4 saves 30 minutes on each trip

Although the Semiahmoo Peninsula initially welcomed the current rail line in 1909, opposition came early and has built over the years as the rail operations have expanded. Various efforts by politicians and advocacy groups to move the current line inland, have ensued and a number of inland relocation alignment options have been proposed. For historical and information purposes, the attached graphic shows the various alignment options that have been considered by the Cities of White Rock and Surrey; see Ref #1 pages 2 and 3 and the graphic to the left of this script.

Alignments #1 to #4 were possible until more recently, as the four levels of government on the Semiahmoo Peninsula moved into unanimity in supporting the alignment #4 up highway 99.  Those other options were the subject of public forums in November 2013 and October 2018. Major concerns for alternates #1 to #3 are first the requirement to obtain right of ways [ROW’s] in both Canada and the USA, second the approvals required in the USA and third major residents’ resistance for politicians to deal with. Alternate #4 experiences none of the above concerns; all work and approvals are on the Canadian side; the ROW exists as the Highway 99 ROW; resident concerns hopefully will be minimal. Please refer to the graphics to the left of this script. Please also note that where a tunnel section is shown, on any alternate, that this can be symbolizing a tunnel, trench, or surface rail line which will be determined by engineers working on the upcoming feasibility study.

The Sumas-Huntington option, while considered a number of years ago, has fallen out of favor for a variety of reasons. Card #7 references and expands on the primary reasoning for why this option is no longer as desirable.


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