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Roberts Bank Corridor Crossing Projects

Example of partner funding allocation

Conceptual Integrating Hi-Sp with Freight

Canada’s Pacific Gateway moves people and goods easily between North America and the world. Marine ports, railways, roads and airports provide efficient, reliable market access. A formal ‘Pacific Gateway’ initiative, spearheaded by the Federal Government, was substantially completed by 2016; see Gateway link here. Many initiatives and projects were completed, almost unknown for their origins. One closer to home has been the ‘Roberts Bank Corridor Crossing Projects’, which were the five road overpasses of the east-west rail line running north of the Nicomekl River. Of particular significance is the dollar scale of the total project and the co-sharing of capital funding by 11 entities. Please refer to both the map layout and the dollar funding allocation as of 2010, to the left of this script.

A new ‘Greater Vancouver Gateway Vancouver’ initiative was approved in June 2018 and has received federal funding commitments of more than $200M; we have met with Port Vancouver in November 2019 and had expected to meet with them in February of 2020, upon which Covid-19 squashed that idea; we will advise them of our great progress with the ‘expanded mayors group’ and the wish to have them involved in future steering committee proceedings; see Gateway 2030 link here.

We envision Capital Cost funding for our Rail Relocation initiative from multi-party sharing, plus, by whatever option, from both the Federal Government and BNSF. See Ref #4 as well as card #18 for more detail.

Economic growth [GDP] and trade are intensely linked. Much discussion as well as references to important studies covering west coast ports, is contained in Ref #4. An important look into the future was launched in mid-2014 by the Government of Canada, and concluded in late 2015, when the final report was submitted to the Minister of Transport by the Chair of the Review, the Honourable David Emerson, P.C., O.B.C. The report looked forward 20 to 30 years to identify priorities and potential actions in transportation that will support Canada’s long-term economic well-being. A recurring theme in the report is the inseparable relationship between Canada’s international trade performance and the quality of the transportation and logistics systems. See CTA Review

Hi-Speed Passenger Rail is a hot political topic now, and follows an initial 2017 study. BC, Washington, and Oregon departments of Transportation have cooperated, along with Microsoft, in funding a larger, joint feasibility study into a more detailed Business case to turn a welcome dream into a possible reality. Craig as advocate administrator for our BNSF Rail Relocation attended the recent October 3rd ‘Cascadia Innovation Corridor’ conference in Seattle; see here. The very lengthy and detailed Business Case for this initiative is now done, see it here.

Some have suggested that our rail relocation could well ‘piggy-back’ the hi-speed passenger rail initiative. In reality as we push ahead with our BNSF freight rail relocation, the hi-speed rail could physically piggy-back our rail relocation at a later date; see graphic at left side; there is also the option of running of the RR line down one side of highway 99, and hi-speed rail down the other side; this no doubt will be considered in the feasibility study.


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