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We have much good news to share with you … getting on with it, we advise that our June 26th ‘zoom’ meeting with all levels of political figures on the Semiahmoo Peninsula, was highly positive and will result in substantial handoff from our advocacy group to those folks whom can move forward with political action … :

  • Semiahmoo First Nation Chief Harley Chappell
  • City White Rock Mayor Darryl Walker
  • City White Rock Alderperson Christopher Trevelyan
  • City Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum
  • City Surrey Alderperson Allison Patton
  • Provincial Government MLA Tracy Redies
  • Federal Government MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay
  • Transportation Consultant Mary-Jane Bennett
  • Advocates Erik Seiz and Craig Harrold

The first half of this productive meeting centered on participant commitments to RR, governance possibilities, meetings and communication … this resulted in the agreement to hold our next ‘zoom’ meeting in mid-September and concentrate first on ‘Vision, Mission, Goals’, before moving on to the aforementioned topics … the effort throughout was to allow open and honest discussions without recording the meeting.

The second half of the meeting concentrated on identifying and listing, for later action, any and all SAFETY initiatives that will need discussion/attention prior to successful approval of the actual RR, including … :

    • Coal exports
    • Disaster mitigation/drills
    • Emergency access CB
    • Environmental degradation
    • Political turnover/transition
    • Port Metro involvement
    • New oil-by-rail initiative
    • Slope stability/retention
    • Speed boundary addition
    • Traffic increases
    • Multiple trespassing CB
    More than one participant has commented favorably … FIRST, whereas efforts for advocacy as well as political action, in the past 6 years, were somewhat disjointed and unorganized, they now are fully in tune, what we like to call ‘cooperation and collaboration’ … SECOND, appreciation and thank-yous were advanced to advocacy members for organizing these efforts in the past … we of course, are happy to hear of expected and coordinated political action, and our chance to step back and assist only where necessary.
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