Hi BNSF Rail Relocation Subscriber... Today, we will keep it short … MORE RAIL DERAILMENTS in CANADA
Feb 18-2020 … Elmo ON derailment … 31 cars … 5 leaked oil … no fire.
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March 4-2020 … Kingston ON derailment … 8 cars … no fire … acid spilled from one car.
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March 6-2020 … Giscome BC derailment … 20 cars … no fire
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March 6-2020 … CBC – local police refuse to investigate rail accidents i.e. railways investigating themselves!
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Yet here, on our Semiahmoo Peninsula in South Surrey BC, we continue to be spared even as our rail route remains hostile with multiple UDE’s, multiple west bank slides, environmental concerns, and the usual mechanical and human errors.

Out of an abundance of caution, and wanting to remain vigilant about the health of all participants, we have cancelled planned meetings with the ‘expanded Mayors group’ and with Port Metro… these will be rescheduled to expected, safe, dates of June 2020.

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Craig E Harrold, Administrator