Hi BNSF Rail Relocation Subscriber... We continue to move forward on many fronts since our last newsletter of December 11, 2019...
SAFETY: Fully amplified on cards #3 to #6 on the website… railrelocation.ca:

This remains our primary driving criteria… fully amplified on cards #3 to #6 on website railrelocation.ca … for this issue, we add the following:

  • Railway report shows more accidents by Winnipeg Free Press based on Transport Canada data … Jan 20th, 2020 … great pictorials and graphs … see here
  • Two major slides just last Friday January 21st shut down both freight and passenger service on our BNSF coastal route; clean up is occurring; re-opening date is currently unknown; see link from Peace Arch News.
  • One accident of note was Dec 9th 2019 near Guernsey SK where 34 cars of crude oil derailed and exploded… we thank the media for good reporting where the industry tries to minimize… see here and here
  • Our second group meeting with the Mayors/alderpersons of Surrey and White Rock will occur in early February … we are encouraging cooperation/collaboration as we move forward.
ECONOMICS: The opportunities are outlined on card #8 of website… railrelocation.ca:

This remains our secondary driving criteria railrelocation.ca … for this issue, we add the following:

• A January 17th, 2020 monumental ad by BNSF in the Peace Arch News … note the massive economic statistics … a major economic tie between BC and the USA is clear for all to read … see here (Peace Arch News Online Edition, on Page A2).

• Our second group meeting with Port Metro will occur in early March and will include our transportation consultant and possibly one politician … stay tuned.

ENVIRONMENT: Many topics are covered on card #9 of website… railrelocation.ca:

  • Every derailment, every spill, every explosion, degrades the environment.

BLAST from the PAST:

An award winning and comprehensive ‘Surrey History’ website reveals much from the past … consider the following:

• ‘Politics and Railways’ … see here

• ‘Sealine Route’ … see here … scroll to bottom … a 1946 major derailment caused by a slide … similar conditions today and we continue to warn of more slides/derailments!


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• We continue our top down efforts as outlined above.

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Advocates for BNSF Rail Relocation.
Craig E Harrold, Administrator