Hi BNSF Rail Relocation Subscriber... We continue to move forward on many fronts since our last newsletter of October 25th, 2019… please read on…
SAFETY: Fully amplified on cards #3 to #6 on the website… railrelocation.ca:

We continue to be concerned about safety in the short to long term on this BNSF coastal rail line, and the increasing risks of rail derailment resulting from UDE’s, slides, ocean overlap, mechanical and human factors … this is the central message to all stakeholders as we communicate in all ways possible ... on November 15th, two of us as Advocates, facilitated a private meeting with the Mayors of both Surrey and White Rock as well as a Councillor from both cities … there was good round table discussion, and we will meet again, as agreed, in late January 2020.

ECONOMICS: The opportunities are outlined on card #8 of website… railrelocation.ca:

We have opened discussions with Port Metro in a meeting in DT Vancouver on November 6th … we are wishing to merge our aspirations for starting the ‘alignment study’ and getting the cooperation of their capital management folks … we expect to meet again in January or February of 2020.

ENVIRONMENT: Many topics are covered on card #9 of website… railrelocation.ca:

The Coastal Flood Adaption Strategy [CFAS] carried out by the City of Surrey over the past 3 years is now done and approved by Council… federal funding for early stages on this initiative is secured… See here.


BLAST from the PAST: “The explosion launched a rail car into the air; it landed a kilometer away.” … On the 40th anniversary of the Mississauga Miracle, the G & M recently talked to those who fought, fled and reported on the fiery derailment… the miracle was that no one was killed… read the story and marvel at this unbelievable story... See here.


We continue to get additional newsletter subscribers primarily from our twice-weekly advertisements in the Peace Arch News… everyone whom subscribes gets the newsletter… hopefully all will become better informed and hopefully engaged in some way in the future.

Three of us as advocates have joined the South Surrey - White Rock Chamber of Commerce under the ‘Community – Civic Organizations’ category … this allows us direct contact, at Chamber events, with many folks on our Semiahmoo Peninsula… See here … We will be available to do short presentations and/or discussion events with business and community groups as they learn more about our advocacy efforts.

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