Hi BNSF Rail Relocation Subscriber... Following the public unveiling of our BNSF Rail Relocation website in early September, we are pleased to provide this newsletter update which we hope you will find interesting, and quite concerning.
SAFETY: Fully amplified on cards #3 to #6 on the website… now more to view:

August 2nd near Irvine AB, a serious train derailment occurred on level ground, causing an evacuation for a 7 km radius… IF this had happened on our Semiahmoo Peninsula, the evacuation would have covered half of the whole Peninsula… View Story

September 2nd, near Barons AB, another rail derailment and evacuation occurred, again on level ground… View Story

And to drive home the fact that derailments do in fact frequently happen in Canada, here is a July 16th New York Times story (Yes, from USA)… View Story.

To add to the drama, a real live near SCARY event occurred just 2 days ago at Crescent Beach; all the ingredients were present for a DISASTER and LOSS of LIFE, except for the end ingredient, an actual derailment; for all the details, including photos and a graph of ‘Emergency Brake Applications’ on the BNSF Track Curve since 2013, click here; once you have read about this event, ask yourself ‘WHERE would residents ESCAPE to IF there was a derailment and CHLORINE SPILL; note to all = chlorine is heavier than air and almost all residents are on the downside of the BNSF rail line in Crescent Beach; and for those that want to really understand ‘emergency brake applications, click here which is the same one on the back of website card #4.

ECONOMICS: The opportunities are outlined on card #8 of website… add to this:

High-Speed Rail was a central topic among 6 others, at the recent October 3rd ‘Cascadia Innovation Corridor’ conference in Seattle, attended by the undersigned, see here. The actual Business Case for this initiative is here.
ENVIRONMENT: Many topics are covered on card #9 of website … add to this:
Since the unveiling of our RR website, the 3 year City of Surrey initiative called CFAS = Coastal Flood Adaption Strategy is now at ‘draft document’ stage… find it here.

And if anyone wishes a long-term perspective on ocean levels fall and rise over 16000 years, see the Smithsonian Institute website here.

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Craig E Harrold, Administrator