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As in competitive football, there is a time to be on offence, a time to be on defense, and/or a time to take a time-out ... three years ago, a time-out was forced on us by the then impending Covid-19 pandemic ... then came the City of Surrey's election in the Fall of 2022, when then Mayor Doug McCallum lost a close election to now Mayor Brenda Locke ... we had by late 2020 built an 'all-level-of-governments' collaborative group, with a unanimous agreement to move ahead to the next phase of this rail safety and relocation initiative ... our chosen proponent at the time, to lead the charge to the next level, Doug McCallum, was then lost ... continued political infighting primarily to do with the 'police transition' initiative effectively closed the door to advancement during this 'time-out' ... for more details on where we stood in late 2020, refer to the December 2020 newsletter on our website.

The year 2024 allows us time for reflection, time for new connections, and time to consider our options ... :

  • The prime purpose will be secure a political commitment to funding the feasibility study ... see card #12 and #13 on our website, for details.
  • One Option is a continuation of the previous efforts, that being leadership by the City of Surrey ... with an election not until the Fall of 2026, this option appears most distant.
  • A Second Option is renewed efforts with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, especially with a BC election October 2024.
  • Either option will require political direction, and both options present capable engineering staff to facilitate the feasibility study.
During the year, opportunities will be uncovered ... however, nothing of consequence will happen until after the BC Provincial election of October 2024 [soon].

We are reminded that rail derailments continue to plaque the rail industry in Western Canada and the US [see the December 2020 newsletter on our website] ... more recently, a serious derailment occurred on our doorstep, that being just north of Crescent Beach on the east side of highway 91 ... two locomotives and five rail cars derailed ... fortunately no lives were lost, but concerns over air, ground, and water pollution have been voiced ... see ... After train derailment in Delta, B.C., nearby residents worry about their safety | CBC NEWS and a more recent media report about continued pollution concerns ... see ... Spill concerns linger months after train derails in Delta, B.C. - BC | Globalnews.ca

During the year 2024, we will also be presenting some ideas to all of you regarding cycling/pedestrian routes from Vancouver to the border ... this is becoming more a possibility with compatible plans being presented by the BC Ministry of Transportation for the Fraser River Tunnel Project ... see ... Newsletter - Highway 99 Tunnel Program ... the furtherance of BNSF Rail Relocation to an inland route, will provide opportunities to complete this picture.

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